About Us

When I started preparing for my placements and then GATE exam, I found that there are lots of stuff of tutorials present on the websites. There are lots of websites producing the same content. But what lacks there, is the simplicity and structure of the content.

There is no specific path from where to start and where is end. There are so much content and some of the sites have duplicate contents also.

There are programmers all over the globe with different levels of technical expertise and experience. For beginner programmers, like me, it is challenging to find where to start the journey. Most of us are not very lucky to get into prestigious institutes like IITs or NITs, where your senior guides you throughout your journey. So, definitely, we somewhere lacks in the guidance.

What are we Offering

Our goal is to create simple tutorials that are easy to read and understand. We, at helpmestudybro, try our best to explain every concept and program with easiest manner possible.

Here, at helpmestudybro, we are continuously engaging into creating tutorials of various technical subjects including Data Structures, Algorithms, C, C++, Operating System, DBMS, Computer Networking etc. We hope to deliver you the same as soon as possible.


We are very thankful to WordPress community for this amazing content management system which is quite easy to use and customize.


We believe knowledge grows when we share it with each other. So, at helpmestudybro, we are very open to accept all the contribution from your side. Whatever technical subject content you have and wants to share it.

You can mail us at:

 [email protected].

Benefit you got from contribution

You are no less than the champion, who is sharing the knowledge with the world. So, it’s our very responsibility to tell us about you by creating a profile page for you and will share your contribution for the same. We will also provide you the certificate of appreciation and contribution.

We will share your social media profile links like linkedln, github or more, if you want.

We will share your expertise and achievements, you have earned throughout your journey.

BONUS: If you continuously contribute with us and your articles have the niche we are looking for, then we are very glad to offer you the position of technical writer.