Check Palindrome Number

Check Palindrome Number” is very basic and important programming exercise problem. Here, we are given an integer, entered by user and our task is to write a program to check whether an entered number is palindromic number or not.

A palindromic number is a number which is when reversed stays the same number.

Examples of Palindromic Number are 22, 212, 33433 etc.

The steps required to check whether a number is palindrome or not are as follows:

  1. Scan a number from a user and copy that number to temporary variable.
  2. Initialize a reverse_number with 0.
  3. Now, one by one fetch out the last digit from a number using modulus operator and concatenate to reverse_number.
  4. Now, check whether reversed_number and temporary variable number are same or not. 
  5. If they are same, then given number is palindromic number. Else, given number is not palindromic number.

C++ Program to check whether an integer is palindrome or not is as follows:

using namespace std;  
int main()  
    //Scan the number  
    int num;  
    cout<<"Enter the number:";  
    // Reverse the number  
    int temp = num;  
    int reverse = 0;  
    while(temp > 0)  
        int digit = temp % 10;  
        reverse = reverse*10 + digit;  
        temp = temp/10;  
    // Check Palindrome number  
    if(num == reverse)  
    cout<<num<<" is Palindromic Number";  
    cout<<num<<" is not Palindromic Number";  
Enter the number:7117 
7117 is Palindromic Number

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